Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interiors: Blogger Design Gauntlet Has Been Flung!!!

Dear Christy over at In The Cottage has tagged me in a personal style challenge. The idea is to find one (1!) room represented online that sums up your personal style. This is no easy task. I love, love, LOVE interiors, and almost every design layout has something I love in it. It was also hard to separate out the rooms I fantasize about having in my dream home (or, one of many dream homes), and rooms I would actually create out of my current head space.
From Sproost:
I love using antiques (and I mean using them), and I have many rescued items out of alleys. I love using color and I am fearless with a paintbrush. I also like this room because it looks both modern and decayed, like there should both be a Lichtenstein print on the wall and autumn leaves in some of the corners. It's ladylike but also irreverent (like me), a little formal, a little quirky. I'll probably find an more accurate room right after I post, but this room spoke to me: "I am meant to be yours..."

I dare my favorite interior girlie Ashley over at Decorology to do this wonderful challenge next!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh La La!! Me likey! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that hints at Victorian, love the chairs and the arrangement. Well done!



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