Friday, April 3, 2009

Interiors: Loggia a Go Go

The first day I ever talked with my man, we discussed the topic of our ideal homes, our dream homes, and discovered that we shared a near-identical fantasy of the house we would one day build. It was one of many, many things that made us sure we were the others 'one'. "And," he said, "It would have a covered outdoor living space right off the house." "Oh! Yes! It would have a loggia!" I exclaimed. "Um, yeah, one of those," he replied. Secretly, I was proud that I knew the name of this divine architectural invention when it was a design best loved in Italy, his own family's ancestral domain.
As the weather begins to warm, and afternoon thunderstorms roll in with false bravado, I have a desperate need for our fantasy loggia. So in the effort to keep our dreams fresh and in the forefront of our sometime over-burdened minds, I rounded up some delightful loggias:

I could live here with very little complaint:

The classic Tuscan fantasy (for us, at least):

This is decorated a bit too Southern Living for my taste, but still makes my heart twitter:

Big rustic dinner parties with lots of good wine? We need them here:

This is right out of a novel:

This one calls for morning mimosas:

I want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book in front of this hearth during a good thunderstorm:


Clearly, I need to make a lot of money...

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