Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kids: Craft Magazine Rocks This Week

I check out the Craft Magazine site every couple of days for some inspiration (and sometimes lots of giggles,) and, I admit, I usually leave feeling like I'm just not that craftily motivated, and thus, somehow lacking. Among the features on the site this week, however, are two very practical crafts that I know even I could accomplish.

First: How to Turn a Regular Bra Into a Nursing Bra. Genius. What mommy or mommy bff doesn't need this?!

Secondly: Stuffed Toy From a Child's Drawing.
I love this idea! It's so sweet and cute, and could be a great way to teach an older child about design and sewing (I'm thinking about 8 years old, that's when I learned, but maybe I'm delusional in my thinking about today's youth.... but I digress,) plus, it's a neat way to preserve a moment in your child's life, and give her something to be proud of and talk to guests about.

And to think I was actually blogging because I am procrastinating getting started on a new project! *Slacker*

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