Monday, March 2, 2009

Art: Shameless Plug: Leslie Amick

Even when I am not living up to my own full potential, I still obsessively encourage and support talented friends, family, and, heck, even acquaintances. I usually find it easier to see the obvious, overflowing talent in others than to recognize my own (to the extent that I am embarrassed to even infer that I have talent here.)
That being said, I am very excited to introduce the pastel artist, Leslie Amick. She's a mom and grandma out of Atlanta, Georgia who works full time and keeps a beautiful house and garden. She's been producing beautiful work for years, and has accepted many commissions, but today marks the opening of the very first online representation of her work!
Please check out her blog HERE, and check back often. Below are a couple of her pieces:

Turn Left At The Tree
24" x 30" $500.

Cow's In The Corn
24" x 30" SOLD

Thank you for supporting 'new' artists!

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