Monday, March 30, 2009

Food: Birthday Deliciousness

For my first birthday as a mommy, my man graciously decided to take on all the party planning and cooking himself. He started with a lot of local ingredients, and we ended up with an elaborate antipasto platter of Volpi salamis, mixed olives, artichoke hearts, marinated peppers and cauliflower, and three different Italian cheeses, plus fresh bread, and a huge Salade Caprese.
I was so busy juggling a stranger-anxiety ridden baby, and trying to socialize that I utterly forgot to take pictures...

He then served us all a delicious linguine dish with fresh asparagus, a lemony sauce and pan-fried bread crumbs. Everyone loved it. Next was a soft polenta dish with salcissa, ham and pancetta, flavored with a bit of rosemary. I was quite flattered he went to the effort to throw such an elaborate first dinner party in my honor.
The recipes for the main dishes came from Loukie Werle's 'Italian Country Cooking - The Secrets of Cucina Povera'.
I have to say, it's an inspiring cookbook; beautiful photos, easy and extremely delicious recipes. Check it out.

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