Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great Product: Smith's Rosebud Salve

I know this product was first popularized six or seven years ago through the likes of US magazine and InStyle, but I have rediscovered its greatness. I bought a pot of it at Sephora, and subsequently forgot to use it (I am more of a Burt's Bees girl when it comes to lip balm). One night a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to bring the baby's diaper cream into the restroom to apply after her bath. She has sensitive skin, and gets diaper rashes pretty easily. Not wanting to get up and take her out of the toasty-warm bathroom, I applied a little of the Rosebud Salve instead. It worked brilliantly, and I applied the little bit that was left over to my knuckles (I get crazy dry winter skin, especially with all the hand washing that comes with being a mom). Both the baby's bum and my hands are in fantastic condition now after nightly use. And I smirk now to think this stuff is aptly named.
You can read up on Smith's and their products here.

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