Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Food: Real Men Can Cook

On Sunday we had a few people over for dinner, and it was such a lovely time that I forgot to take pictures! The boys cooked for the ladies, which was a nice treat: They served us an appetizer of two artisan cheeses with crackers, followed by a classic 'St.Louis' salad (mixed greens with tons of chopped vegetables, sweet Italian dressing, left to chill for an hour). Dinner was surprisingly delicious organic angel hair with red sauce into which they had infused red wine, garlic, peppers, onions, chicken and local salcissa (delicious Italian sausage), served with locally baked Italian bread (and I admit that they had slathered it in garlic butter - there were no complaints).
Our baby has been afflicted by a touch of 'stranger anxiety' recently, but she warmed to our guests within an hour, and was flirtatious and smiling by the end of the night. I thought that it will be truly wonderful for her to be witness to the richness of adult social interaction, and we plan on developing our own mini-'salon' (a 'demi-salon'?) - I think a weekly or bi-weekly gathering at our humble, cozy house would be healthy for everyone involved (Mom, not least of all).
I've been introduced to a wonderful beer that I was drinking that night (out of my own crystal draft glass - in the Netherlands, Grolsch produces a beer named 'Amber' 'The Dark Blonde Beer'- my grandfather gifted me with a whole set of these- *Gasp* Have I just revealed my name???). It's a lovely dark beer, but it has none of the bitterness or 'stoutness' one usually finds in dark beers.

You can check out the site for 1554 here. I recommend it heartily for your next gathering.


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  2. I am green with envy at the beautiful dinner your man created! Andy's culinary attempts have not gone beyond grilled cheese or the occasional pancake.



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