Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kids: A Pillowcase Dress for my Bebe

Taking the sheets off the bed last week, I noticed that a pillowcase from my favorite set had a gigantic tear down the center. I almost tossed it, but then I remembered hearing about 'the pillowcase dress' (and seeing a $60 version of the design at a baby boutique!), and I thought I'd try my hand at it.

The rip being in the center of the case, I was a little short on the length, so I added a ruffle of coordinating fabric (in a smaller print, of course).
The sewing was minimal, and my man called me a female MacGyver when he saw the (quickly) finished product.
I first tried to use super cute polkadotted grosgrain, but it was too wide and rigid to let the dress hang correctly:
I replaced it with a narrower ribbon, and I felt pretty good about the results. By no means is it a fancy dress, and it kind of looks like a sack, but it works for playing around the house or running errands. I like how it feels kind of 'little girl out on the farm'.
And yes, my daughter is wearing jeans with the dress -- now that she's walking, she doesn't have time for that 'getting dressed' stuff!!!

Detailed directions (and some pretty pillowcases) available at Bumblebee Linens... check them out!

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  1. Wow!!! I am blown away by the cuteness (and cleverness) in this post! You did a great job! Sometimes things that are supposed to be the "simplest" turn out to be harder than you thought... but you rocked it!



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