Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food: In Love with Chocolove!

I am a dark chocolate fanatic, and my man likes to surprise me by picking out new premium chocolate bars for me to try. My absolute favorite brand is Chocolove out of Boulder, CO! I admit, I don't much care for chocolate with a cocoa content of over 65%, and I feel like 'real' chocolate lovers would frown on my provincial taste, but I'm still eating really good chocolate, and really enjoying it, so they can think what they want.
The following three bars are my favorites, and you can buy them at Whole Foods, Target, and probably ye olde grocery store (that's where I find mine). You can also order them from the Choclove website in cases (and save about $0.50 a bar) -- I know what's on my birthday list!!! Plus, if you check out thier website you'll find some really high quality varietal, vintage, limited quantity bars, as well as 'minis' of all the flavors.
Yay! For Chocolove!

1 comment:

  1. Um, seriously?! My favorite chocolate bar ever is the crystalized ginger one!!!! I use to make people taste it when they would come to my house and eagerly look into their eyes to see their reactions of pure joy!!!! We are soul mates. Period.



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