Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kids: First Birthday Jitters!

I have taken a bit of a break from my blog, and have been working on doing non-computer related things (knitting -Update: I'm still on my first scarf, but so far, so good, Baking - I believe I have perfected the vanilla cupcake, and entertaining the family that came to visit baby and celebrate the 4th), but I couldn't abandon my blog. I sometimes heard it at night, calling for me, crying quietly...

Our daughter's first birthday is coming up in two months, and I am already obsessed with ideas. I know she won't have a bit of memory of the event, and it's really just for the adults in her life, but I am stoked just the same. This is what happens when a one-time 'hostess with the mostess' turns into a mommy.

So here are some yummy photos:

this photo from just makes me happy

a cute idea for an invitation
Some incredible cakes!!!

Asian inspired 1st Birthday Childrens Cake

I think I'll get some butterflies for the top of her cake, and maybe one for each female guest to wear in her hair. Naturally, all the men would have to wear those white bowler hats with pink ribbon bands!
Topper Cake for Cupcake Tier
The next several photos are from Martha's site:

I'm going to make these with pink sprinkles and yellow lollipops:

I love the different sizes of cupcakes!

I'm going to festoon the house in these super easy and cheap flowery tissue paper poufs in pinks and yellow:

I think our baby definitely needs a garden fairy-princess dress with lots of tulle, ribbon and butterflies

I wasn't in love with pink until I had a little girl - now I think it's adorable

After collecting all these photos, I have a pretty clear vision of the party -- I can't wait! Of course, I will blog about it when the time comes!

A few ideas From

Put your baby's cute face on the invitation. Have her hold a sign that says "It's my birthday."

Put your baby in his birthday suit. Decorate a simple one-piece T-shirt with stamped-on letters and your child's handprint in paint.

Make it fun for the adults too. Set up a crafting table and have each guest decorate a card for your baby's future birthdays. Every year, she can open a card that was made at her first party.

Serve dessert in recycled baby-food jars. Chocolate mousse, ice cream, or chocolate pretzel rods are all good options.

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