Saturday, March 13, 2010

Interiors: New House Progress, Part 1

Poor blog(s), I have been neglecting you...but I have a good excuse! Setting up a new house is always time consuming, but I think doing it on an extremely limited budget is even more so.
A month into living in the new house, and most of the rooms are not what I would consider 'blog worthy' yet...sigh...
Here are a few photos anyway:

The antique copperplate shipwreck prints above my antique settee in the foyer:

I found this old slate chalkboard at Goodwill (75 cents!) and kind of fell in love with it (I'm sure that has nothing to do with the 'Made In Italy' stamped in the frame!) - I attached hardware to the back, and hung it in the kitchen. The quote was the only one I could think of in the ten minutes before our dinner guests arrived!

The blue and white collection in the kitchen:

(yes, those are speakers in the photos. I realized the best way to keep domestic peace between a girl who likes to listen to music all day and night, and a boy who likes to watch lots of TV was to just put the stereo in the kitchen)

I won't pretend that this wasn't one of Martha's ideas, but since I saw it all those years ago, I have always wanted to clear the cabinets, and have a streamlined spice drawer next to the stove. Thanks to visitors from Atlanta, we were able to import a full set of Ikea spice jars (Ikea, open a dang store in Saint Louis already!!!), and I finally sprang for my own label maker (Whoohoo!) - This one, from Target, was about $10 cheaper than the PTouch brand, and works just the same.

More to come...

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