Saturday, March 13, 2010

Design: A Liberty Surprise!

I grew up knowing Liberty & Co. was something mythical and magical, which isn't surprising when one considers that, in our family, anyone not idolizing William Morris was immediately considered a suspicious character of questionable taste.

If it was Arts & Crafts, or anything directly related to the era, we knew about it. I'm not sorry my mother taught me this. So imagine my surprise when, on a recent shopping trip to Target (thinking I needed to create my own cleaning solution and look up that Swiffer Wet-Jet refill tutorial again because I am running out way too often,) I glance up to notice, Le Gasp!!!, Liberty of London printed everything!

I'd never forget to water the herbs and flower pots with this pretty watering can:

I'd love a few of these (very sturdy!) bins in my daughter's room:

Love this bowl! Cereal would be so much more fun out of it!:
Daily Tea Time would be a must:
Look at the drool-worthy goodies from Liberty of London!
Gorgeous Fabrics!!!:

Loverly Traveling Cases:
How delightful would this little bag be tucked inside a tote for baby necessities?!:

GORGEOUS silk scarves!:

William Morris prints are popping up all over the place:
Prada Resort Collection 2010:

I think that's fine and dandy, but I like to see vibrant prints in smaller doses, and on little girls' clothing, especially:

Liberty of London for Target:

A cute home made dress created from coordinating William Morris calicoes:

Some beautiful William Morris or Liberty print fabric would be perfect made into little Kate Greenaway style dresses and pinafores:

And I think these adorable Douglas Co. stuffed animals, available in the kid's section of Barnes & Noble, would be a lovely compliment:


  1. Thanks for the link, a beautiful blog! I too felt a slight thrill (though also a tinge of 'what have they done, sellouts?' crept in too...) when I spied Liberty at Target. There was a L store near my house in York for a few years, so it was a sad day when my L PJs died and they had shut down...though I still carry my big L tote to the market here in STL each week, and I do a little Morris pilgrimage to the V & A every time we are in London. Such beauty!

  2. You just saved us TONS of $$$ with that Swiffer tutorial, I had been *thinking* for ages that I would like to refill it with my own solution but it's always been last on my list of priorities to figure out - now I can fill er up with good 'ol vinegar + H20, my cleaning solution of choice! I missed the Liberty collection at Target *kick kick kick*



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