Sunday, March 14, 2010

Design/Great Product: PaPaYa!

So, I just received this incredibly lovely 'Thank you' card in the mail:
(and it's got glitter! Whoohoo!)
I've seen Papaya's (or rather, PaPaYa!'s) products in little boutiques, and sent and received some of their lovely, unique stationary, but tonight I finally dove into their website.

I AM ordering THIS:
I need an address book (it's the only Luddite thing -besides my Moleskine journal, of course - that my Blackberry hasn't replaced,) and at $14, it's a beautiful steal.

This wrapping paper. There are no words. !

Almost all of their art is available in card, magnet, or art panel form. And did I mention it's cheap?

Instead of choosing, maybe I'll just wait until December, and spring for one of their delicious calendars...

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