Friday, May 15, 2009

Kids: Demitasse for Your Demi-Humain

It's sadly ironic that the time in my life when I most need a good espresso (new motherhood), I don't have the time to pull a single shot. Being the coffee geek/design fiend/lover of all things diminutive that I am, I acquired a bit of a demitasse collection in the past.
Instead of letting my collection languish in the back of a cupboard, I discovered that these little cups are the perfect size for portioning out a single serving of baby food, and several will fit in a shallow bowl of hot water (the preferred method of warming our baby's food around here). Plus, the sight of the perfect little ounce and a half of superior houseware design never fails to make my heart glad. Even if the baby is throwing the sweet potatoes.

All above demitasse are illy (still my favorite espresso, after all these years...*sigh*)


  1. Would you believe that the only coffee-making device Andy and I currently have is a french press?! We sold our grinder, Barista, and Jack (so obligingly) smashed our coffee pot carafe into a gillion pieces... leaving me with only our little press to see me through. I miss using a demitasse.



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