Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fashion: For the Accomplished Wife *smirk*

While I still find myself disturbed that women's shirts button backwards from men's and children's with the subtle (sinister?) pre-woman's lib intent to teach us to dress those of the opposite sex and prepare be the sole stylist of the younger set, I do wish I had paid better attention when my father tried to teach me to knot a tie.
I think it's rather romantic to be able to do that for your man. This goes right along with my romantic, probably dated, ideals of being able to pick out a cigar or the proper Scotch that ones mate would prefer. Maybe it's that I saw 'Gigi' at too young an age (and reading Collette later, realizing that she was really a high class prostitue - the shock!).
That aside, I found this handy dandy diagram on a Dutch website, and thought it quite useful. Enjoy tying one on (hardee-har)!

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