Monday, August 2, 2010

Food: Happy National Farmers' Market Week!

One of the many reasons I love living in St Louis is the abundance of farmers' markets to choose from. One of my favorites for true local flavor, and a good assortment of organic products, is also within walking distance! The Tower Grove Farmer's Market runs from May through October, and tends to be an all-out event on summer Saturdays thanks to a wide variety of vendors, tons of families (both local and visiting), charity organizations, an outdoor yoga class, a wading pool and playgrounds for the kids, and excellent free music courtesy of KDHX's 'Harvest Sessions'. The prices for local and organic at this market tend to be a little steep (what else is new?), but we always pick up some little treat, meet new friends, catch up with less new friends, and leave feeling a warm glow of contentment.

lovely displays...

always busy, busy...

Companion tends to offer lower prices at the TG market than at the grocery store, which is a plus - our toddler always wants one of their fantastic cookies, and the man always wants a loaf of bread...

The wading pool and pop jets in full swing. See all the beach balls? The kids had at least fifty of them...
Turns out it was only some of the most brilliant marketing ever:

Oh, and lest I forget the peaches... they are gorgeous and huge this year (these were from Sagez Farms)

Always lovely music in the pool pavilion...

And if the Tower Grove Farmers' Market makes her smile like this, Mommy's happy, too:


  1. You take such gorgeous photos! Lovely to see Emerson looking so cheery. Yayy for waterbabies.

  2. I agree with Fiona the photos are amazing, esp that one of Em it really captures her lovely nature :) I am hungry for peaches now!!



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