Monday, June 8, 2009

Gearing Up For Father's Day

This year is my man's first 'real' Father's Day, and it has been fun to think up unexpected gifts for him (he reads this, so I'm not giving it away here!)
Here are some great gift and DIY gift ideas I found:

Take a creative photo of the kids that captures their spirit, and frame it simply (or let the kids decorate the frame) for his desk. I especially like the whimsy in Jan Van Holleben's 'Dreams of Flying' photos:

From Jan Van Holleben

Here's another cool idea for a minimalist dad
From PamperingBeki
Glorify the Manliness With Classic Tool Accoutrements
Awesome fauxbois tool apron
From PollyDanger
Cater to His (Possibly Fantasy) Wild Side
For the tattooed rockabilly daddy (or the wannabe)
From Waste Of Talent
Check out this vintage hubcap clock!
From 8milecreekdesigns. They have several different car model hubcaps, so if your man had a favorite dream car growing up, you might be able to find the original hubcap from it - doubly cool.
Embrace the Classic Tie
I love the idea of the classic tie for Father's Day. I think most daddies would see it as a right of passage, just make it something that he'd actually want to wear. I'm in love with these, and other ties from Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Let The Kids Help (But Forget the Macaroni and Glitter)
An easy, cheap craft (though you could step it up a notch with a really nice pen), good for little hands to help with, and actually useful
From Martha
An extremely cute way for dad to organize his nuts and bolts, though a tiny bit labor intensive, this craft post also has a variation for younger 'helpers' (plus, it's Altoids boxes! I love the upcycling):
from AlphaMom
Get Super Crafty (Or Support Those Who Do)
If you were so inclined (I like to imagine I am, but will forever put off assembling the parts needed), you could make these yourself. As it is (you're running out of time), they're not too expensive, extremely cool, and a good excuse for you to finally convince your man to wear those handsome French cuffs:
Gr0glmann's Retro Classy Cufflinks on Etsy

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